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The Post You Have To Read First.

Welcome to Kikay Shit. This is a community for those who want to discuss, well, kikay shit. Here are a couple of things that are not to be discussed here:

- music
- video games
- books
- illnesses
- philosophical views

Those are just way too serious. We like shopping. We talk about our weight, too, but no one is judging here.

You may totally introduce yourself in your own creative way. But if you're feeling lazy, here's a template to use:

1. A name we could call you.
2. Are you a student? Are you working? I don't know why this matters, it's probably just nice to know.
3. What kind of shoes are your favorite to wear? Do you like socks, Y/N?
4. In your free time, what do you like to do?
5. Tell us about the things you like to do by yourself.
6. What are you addicted to?
7. Tell us anything. Have you got a boyfriend? Saving up for a trip? Anything...
8. Post a picture of yourself. Or with friends. Whatever you want to share just as long as we see your face.

Remember: All posts (aside from this one) are private/members-only. We don't want strangers reading our shit. If you're interested, just join. Even lurkers have ideas. :)
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